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Topic: Developing Fraction Concepts

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Subject:   RE: Developing Fraction Concepts
Author: Mathman
Date: Nov 10 2004
On Nov  5 2004, nolandog wrote:
>I try to explain
> to them that everyone uses a manipulative of some sort but they
> still think it is being a baby.

A further comment you might pass along to them.  A good friend at university and
later decided it was not for him.  He was intelligent enough far... but
decided he wanted another life.  He wound up building beautiful houses.  He
learned those skills from a man who built beautiful houses himself.  The
"teacher" had a problem my friend had little difficulty with himself
...fractions.  What the teacher did was to always carry two tapes, and actually
measure the differences he needed; a disadvantage, but it didn't stop him.  I'm
not a strong advocate about the overuse of high tech in schools [should be used
as a final tool, not an initial, or only tool], but am a strong advocate for
common sense.  One objective should not stop a bigger one from being realised.
Get them building something using fractions.


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