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Topic: Left Right Translation of Functions

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Subject:   RE: Left Right Translation of Functions
Author: Mathman
Date: Dec 6 2004
On Dec  6 2004, Mike Shepperd wrote:
> In teaching high school Mathematics, I am happy to plead guilty to
> the frequent use of a "why through pattern" approach, especially
> when linked to the use of technology.

I guess I'm old-school ...but have worked with computers, programming as well
as applicaitons for over a quarter century. I'm still stuck on the difference
between proof and demonstration.  It's my own background I suppose, but the
whole idea behind formal proof was to avoid fallacy which also can seem to be
true under demonstration, as well as to find relationships between structures.
There is also the generalisation of algebra and the concept of induction which
allows that sometimes even many examples do not eliminate a contrary example,
and so what is true for a variable is true for all values of that variable.
Just my bag of hammers perhaps.
> Windows users, download Winplot if you have not already discovered
> this great freeware from Rick Parris. Enter the equation y=asin((x-
> h)/b)+k and create sliders for the values of a,b,h,k. Enjoy!

Thanks.  I've seen that for some years, and it has improved over those years.
It is indeed excellent freeware.  Do you have access to any of the high-power
software like Derive, Maple, or Mupad?  I think the latter has a reasonable
academic price.  You can't beat the one you mention here for *both* quality and
price.  Don't ignore his other fine freeware also.


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