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Topic: Great Math Software

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Subject:   RE: Great Math Software
Author: Mathman
Date: Apr 2 2005
On Apr  2 2005, vms wrote:
> but i wish to know how to integrate this for posting messages,
> assignments, quizes etc on a site that i would like to build for my
> students

It is likely allowing copy/paste into your document [wordprocessor, HTML editor,
...] any of which can readily be made into a PDF as was suggested.  Results of
these editing machines are usually graphic oriented.  Do you use MS Word, or
Corel's Wordperfect?  They have a small version of MathType included as a basis
for GUI setting of math functions.  If not, and if using a PC, you can look into
Mathcaster.  Another math editor is Formulator from Hermitech Laboratory.  If
you like memorising what to type instead of graphical point and click as in
MathType, Mathcaster and the like, you could also look into using Open Office
Suite which had a math editor that requires typing in "int" for integer and so
on, as used to be done in older versions of WordPerfect.  If you need more
extensive functions, Mathtype has a pro version for sale.  If getting dead
serious about it, you might also look into MacKichan software, the Scientific
Notebook family of programs ...but that's relatively expensive.  However, the
powerful Mupad math engine is either free or greatly reduced for educators, I
believe; the free version is not as encompassing as the pro version as usual,
but much more than most would need.


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