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Topic: Great Math Software

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Subject:   RE: Great Math Software
Author: vms
Date: Apr 2 2005
On Apr  2 2005, Mathman wrote:
> On Apr  2 2005, vms wrote:
> but i wish to know how to integrate
> this for posting messages,
> assignments, quizes etc on a site that
> i would like to build for my
> students

It is likely allowing
> copy/paste into your document [wordprocessor, HTML editor, ...] any
> of which can readily be made into a PDF as was suggested.  Results
> of these editing machines are usually graphic oriented.  Do you use
> MS Word, or Corel's Wordperfect?  They have a small version of
> MathType included as a basis for GUI setting of math functions.  If

thank you for the info
my idea is to facilitate the students to submit assignment online with out using
much typing our system in india needs the student 'write' his answer than
'type' his answer

I am working out a method that should suit both the needs ...that I should know
whether the student followed the concept or not (this I wanted to do by giving
questions and asking for solutions) and the student need not spend much time in
typing the solutions....

in this connection the software given by efofex seems to be of good help

i wish to reduce the time of typing even to a greater providing a
jumbled set of certain key steps + few similar but not necessarily right steps
to the students as just tabs and asking the student to give the answer by
clicking the right steps in right order

i hope this will work for my constraints better...

any advice in this direction will be of great help


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