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Topic: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question
Author: Susan
Date: Jun 13 2005
On Jun 13 2005, Jmath wrote:
> I would love to hear about any tools used in on-line teaching. My
> school is an online middle and high school. We are looking for any
> tools to help us teach online, especially tools you can use with
> Web-based instruction like Elluminate.

I am currently involved in creating webbased online courses, and I catalogued
all the tools we used for the Algebra II course in Math Tools, and I think I
catalogued all the Geometry links as well, so search away!  We are just starting
to use Elluminate here.  Have you been using it?  Anything that has caused you
joys or headaches?  What were your most sucessful lessons?

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