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Topic: Jeff's Tuesday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   Jeff's Tuesday ToolFest Question
Author: Jeff L
Date: Jun 14 2005
What is/are the biggest problem(s) to using math software tools in the classroom
or for the class?

For me, the largest single drawback to using tools in the classroom is having a
medium to present the tool. Some tools are appropriate for large group
presentation with a projector, but finding and organizing the information for a
presentation can have drawbacks. These would include the necessity of either
having a list to type into the address bar, or having to prepare a list of
bookmarks in the browser on the computer.

Having a web page with the sites listed is another option. Having the same or
similar information available for students outside class would require either a
prepared, printed set of links (URLs) or an accessible web page with links on

Please list the difficulties that limit your use of math tools in or for your

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