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Topic: Cabri Introduction
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Subject:   RE: Cabri Introduction
Author: Bethany
Date: Jun 14 2005
Hi Cynthia,

No doubt, there is a learning curve when using robust tools and it does take
some time.  I think it depends on how often you intend to use that particular
tool to guage whether or not the expense of teaching how to use it will be worth
the learning they will get from it.  I believe technology often allows for
learning concepts more quickly because the students can study so many cases in a
small span of time by quickly adjusting parameters and seeing effects of those
parameter changes.  However if as a teacher you only intend to use a tool that
does have a higher learning curve once or twice during the school year then it
probably won't pay off in the end.

It would be great to see math departments choose and use some of these tools
together thoughout the curriculum, that way the learning of the tool doesn't
become nearly as big of an issue.  There is a small college here in Raliegh -
Meredith College - that has done just that, and it works tremendously.  Of
course it takes a lot to get all of the instructors on board, up to speed with
the tools, agree which tools to have as part of the common tool set, and feel
comfortable integrating those tools into the curriculum.


On Jun 13 2005, lanius wrote:
> I wonder if there is any research about how the learning curve of a
> software like Cabri enhances or detracts from mathematical learning.
> I read a post in the AP Calc listserve recently that implied that
> the teacher believed that students were so absorbed in learning
> Sketchpad that they weren't as focused on the math.

Anyone have
> any thoughts about this?

It was a great session, Jon. I hope we
> can do it again at another tool fest.


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