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Topic: Jeff's Tuesday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Trackstar
Author: jsarmi
Date: Jun 14 2005
On Jun 14 2005, Jeff L wrote:
> What is/are the biggest problem(s) to using math software tools in
> the classroom or for the class?

For me, the largest single
> drawback to using tools in the classroom is having a medium to
> present the tool...

Having a web page with the sites listed is
> another option. Having the same or similar information available for
> students outside class would require either a prepared, printed set
> of links (URLs) or an accessible web page with links on it.

Jeff, I was wondering if you have used Trackstar, a very nice, free, web
application that might help teachers with the issue of presenting and archiving
activities that use different math tools.  Trackstar was created by the
Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia at the University of
Kansas based on requests from teachers who needed, as you say, a way to collect
and present links for classroom activities or home assignments.  The nice thing
about Trackstar, in my opinion, is that you can present a specific prompt,
goal/objective, for each link and create a sort of step-by-step activity
using different sites/tools.  You can search the archive of web "tracks" that
other teachers have created on the Trackstar site
( ).  Here is an example of a fractions track
created by Lacey Harold:

Hope this helps.  -Johann

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