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Topic: Your Top N Tools?

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Subject:   RE: Your Top N Tools?
Author: Jeff L
Date: Jun 16 2005   WinPlot
What it Does:  Winplot is a 2D/3D graphing program that I use in place of
graphing calculators. It has capabilities far beyond grade 7.
Why it is valuable: First of all, it is free. Secondly, it provides a much
larger picture for students to view and check. Student really enjoy
personalizing their displays. Table valeus can be personalized.  Simple Plot
What it does:  Simple Plot allows point to be plotted in order with the lines
Why it is valuable: While Excel and other can do the same thing, this is a very
straightforward plotting program that I use to introduce plotting in 4
quadrants. I Do this by having students construct dot-to-dot puzzles in four
quadrants.  With this tool available on the class web page, they can quickly
check their coordinate listings.

QBasic/VisualBasic from Microsoft; REALBasic from REAL Software
What it does:  QBasic, which is ususally buried somewhere on the Windows
distribution disk, is a quick way to check problems, generate tabless, etc. The
other two allow programs to be created to run on Windows machines.
Why it is valuable:  Oftentimes, I need to expand the naswer list of options
form the text materials - sometimes a spread sheet works, sometimes not - for
example, I needed to be able to find the number of possible rectangular prisms
and their surface area from a given number of blocks - set it up and tsted in in
QBasic - now my next step is to change it to a JavaScript to make a tool...Here
is a tool created from VisualBasic - Windows only (BTW Craig - where's the Java
Version?) ,9.13.11,ALL,ALL/
What it does:  This is one of a series of programs which allow students to
manipulate blocks and block designs for spatial exercises.
Why it is valuable:  Too many students do not have much practice manipulating
actual blocks and it is not easy to demonstrate what is expected in a manner
then comprehend. They seem to comprehend how these pobjects move and can then
apply them to their own models.
What it does: The program generates fraction whorksheets according to a menu of
Why it is valuable:  This is one of my programs.  I just like watching it load
on the screen....

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