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Topic: Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question
Author: Jeff L
Date: Jun 17 2005
What non-tech/low tech tools are teachers using? Should MathTools make a push
to include more non-tech/low-tech tools? What areas? How?

This question came about while I was looking for ways for middle school students
to model equivalent fractions. I started with unit squares figuring they would
be easier to divide. I even developed a set of fraction models

that could be printed on overhead transparencies, cut out and stacked to
demonstrate the concepts of equivalent fractions. This led to a non-tech
device I called the fractionator.

Students can use the device to create and subdivide unit squares. In practice,
it turned out that the students who had an idea of equivalent fractions could
use the device successfully.

This is an example of my latest version of a non-tech tool. Please let us know

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