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Topic: Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   Low-Tech Trig Tools
Author: Craig
Date: Jun 17 2005
Some of my favorites are:
--Patty paper.  Easy to fold, easy to trace.  With the Quick Circle Generators
I describe below and a protractor, students in my Geometry class were able to
make all sorts of conjectures about arc angles and sectors, inscribed angles,
central angles... they they used logic, reasoning, and brains to prove most of
their conjectures.

--Quick Circle Generator (QCG for short), also known as "empty coffee can."
Keep a bunch of different sizes on hand at all times.  I use coffee cans very
effectively to teach radian measure and to motivate "radians as the natural
measure" for circular motion.  They're also quicker than a compass for producing
a circle (though not as "random" as a compass might be).

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