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Topic: Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs

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Subject:   RE: Walking a Number Line
Author: Mathman
Date: Jun 17 2005
On Jun 17 2005, Suzanne wrote:
> One reason that I found the "Walking a Number Line" activity
> effective is that my seventh grade students really responded to
> kinesthetic activities. They were much more apt to be in the mood to
> "memorize" after having participated in an activity like the one
> that I described.

Please don't misunderstand.  I am more than happy for your success teaching the
material, and as I said, "Whatever works."  However, the basic premise should
always be on a firm foundation.  I have seen students in another class appear to
have learned the basics of trigonometry, as did mine, but there was a big
difference later on.  Mine had a firm grasp of the principles [an initial
struggle to learn to "see" the relationships] and could apply them.  The others
had simply memorised the relationships, and could not handle even slight
variations very well.  All I'm suggesting is consistency, as I think it is as
important as the material, and the difference between "memorising", and
"remembering". ...Whatever works.


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