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Topic: Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs

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Subject:   RE: What are YOUR needs?
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Jun 20 2005
On Jun 17 2005, sboone wrote:
> ...What I would like is input on some cool tool that you would
> like to see a lesson actually developed around.  Some already have
> this done for them beautifully, but there are a lot of java applets
> out there that barely have instructions, let alone components of a
> good lesson plan.  If you know of a really neat tool that would
> interest students that doesn't already have a developed lesson,
> please send the URL...  

Many of the wonderful IES applets have somewhat cryptic instructions and lessons
that could work brilliantly for a really motivated or gifted student but might
be frustrating for others. Developing lessons with more guidance using some of
these would imho be quite a useful contribution.

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