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Topic: Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs

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Subject:   RE: What are YOUR needs?
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jun 21 2005
On Jun 20 2005, Mathman wrote:
> Agreed!  Perhaps I'm old-fashioned [the price of
> being old is to be fashioned as well?] but I always prepared all of
> my own developmental lesson plans based upon available material and
> personal knowledge of the subject. Isn't that the art of being a
> teacher?

I started teaching in 1973, so I guess I might be in the "old" category as well
and I also loved to prepare my own developmental lesson plans but I know that I
have always gained from reading other people's ideas and lessons as well. I
learn from them. I adapt their ideas to my situation. I gain a broader
perspective based on experiences that I have never had or haven't yet had.

I can't help but write lessons using "my" experience and "my" viewpoint. Other
teachers naturally have their own experiences and viewpoints and it is that
variety that makes their lessons particularly interesting to me.

I know from email received at the Math Forum that there are many teachers using
our site who are just starting their teaching careers (and this can include many
different scenarios) or are parents trying to learn more mathematics to help
their children or are adults interested in learning more mathematics and, of
course, students looking for more information as they learn mathematics. Our
idea of having a Math Tools Community is to have a place where we share our
knowledge. So, I would hope that we wouldn't each say to ourselves that we
should be doing all of our planning alone and in isolation. Think how much
richer we all are by sharing our ideas?


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