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Topic: Geometry Activities
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Subject:   RE: Geometry Activities
Author: kristinams
Date: Jun 22 2005
After I have taught nets, I have the students make a 3D mobiles.  I have nets
for a square pyramid, cone, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, tetrahedron, and
pentagonal prism.  I give the students directions on what I want them to do with
each net.  For example, for the pentagonal prism, color the bases orange, color
one example of the height red, color any 2 non-adjacent faces blue, and color
the remaining faces green.  I do this all verbally and I do not give the
directions to the students.  This forces the students to use their listening
skills.  Then for homework, the students make their figures and construct a
3-D mobile that will be hung in the room.  I give 5 points extra credit for
the top 5 mobiles.  They have to be as creative as possible in constructing
their mobiles.  Then, they have to find the surface area and the volume of each
of their figures(I have little cards that they have to put their surface area
and volume on) and then they attach their card to the appropriate figure.

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