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Topic: Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jul 23 2005
One idea that I think is very effective is to combine non-tech tools with
high-tech tools. In other words, have students use hands-on manipulatives at
the same time or during the same lesson as they are using virtual manipulatives.
Some of the combinations that I've used with middle school students include:

tangrams (plastic sets)
tangrams - virtual manipulative

small rubber people
Traffic Jam applet

activity pattern blocks (plastic sets)
Patterns Applet - virtual manipulative

graph paper and pencil
General Coordinates Game

Does anyone else use combinations like this? Can you list the virtual tool and
the non-tech tool? Are there reasons that you use both? Is it availablity of
computers or do you think using both actually helps students learn more?


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