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Topic: Smartboard files

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Subject:   RE: Smartboard files
Author: Calvin
Date: Jul 25 2005

We've been using Smartboard for 4 years now at my school, and our Notebook files
(*.nbk and now *.xbk) get so marked up in class we've never thought of sharing
them!  Maybe we should sit down and clean them up once someone decides to
collect them.

Of course, most of them are made up of tools (& links to tools) found right here
on MathTools -- you can make your own lessons on SmartNotebook using the
"Insert Hyperlink" or "Insert Flash" using the References that you get from
Mathtools.  I teach AP Calculus and the students get a lot of use out of the
SmartNotebooks before/after class (I post them to Blackboard/the web and the
MathTools links are still active for them, even if saved in PDF format!)  I
especially like the reviews/lesson plans people attach to MathTools; makes
developing your own lessons much easier if you get an idea of how the tool has
been used by others, and what they felt about it.

I think I also mentioned in an earlier discussion that we use the freeware
"Virtual TI" along with SmartNotebook... again, for AP Calc (or anything else, I
suppose) this is great during class to cut/paste TI-83/84 screens into our
notes (and mark up like mad).  Or, you can buy TI-Smartview, if you've got the
extra bucks.

A few places you might start for "completed" SmartNotebook files are: or  (Smartboard in the
UK) (which unfortunately just switched to "pay") (pretend you're British or
The British are really pushing the envelope when it comes to the Smartboards but
the majority is at the primary/middle school level.

Hope that helps... keep asking questions, you've got some great ideas!

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