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Topic: Demise of Green Globs

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Subject:   RE: Demise of Green Globs
Author: Mathman
Date: Jul 26 2005
On Jul 25 2005, ihor wrote:

The closest software  that
> I have found that is similar to globs is:

Shooting balls
> ( )

which was developed
> by the Freudenthal Institute. It's Ok, but limited.

Worse:  It is too simple to drag and change point and slope by eye.  no math
there at all.  If it is in the offing, I'd recommend using rational form [a/b]
for slope rather than decimal value.  Pencil and paper are more informative and
educational here [**].

Could you point to the site for Green Globs if still available please?  I'm
curious as to the intent.  The shooting balls could have reference to normal
point-slope, or possibly regression line if pursued.


[**]  A fly in the ointment: We should be very cautious about what amuses us who
have gone through a system that did not serve us too badly, and whether or not
amusement is equivalent to the gain of insight into some particular process in
mathematics.  I'm still an advocate of pencil and paper.  Slower, less amusing
...but it sinks in.  It's rather like baking in the kitchen.  It really is best
to get up to the elbows in flour sometimes.  Too often tools are devised and
then there is a found need.  Is it not better to establish and then serve an
initial need?


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