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Topic: 2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity

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Subject:   2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity
Author: lanius
Date: Jul 30 2005

We'd like to focus our second weekly Tool Fest on the Math Tools project

Math Tools currently has approximately 7950 members, 385 new members since our
Virtual Tool Fest wrapped up in June.  We describe Math Tools as a community
library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for
teaching and learning mathematics.

More experienced members: What suggestions do you have for newcomers
to help them make the most of the Math Tools site?

Newcomers: What do you want to know about locating and using the
resources available here?

All members: What could members do to further support each other?

Please post any ideas that you have to add to the discussion.

Also, thanks to all who joined us in our first weekly Tool Fest activity last
week. You can see the archive of the session with the
developer of ConcertChat:

Please contribute your comments, questions, and suggestions to the
new ConcertChat discussion group at

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