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Topic: 2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity

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Subject:   Becoming an Adept MathTools User
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 1 2005
As I watched MathTools grow from early on, I think the most useful way to use
the resource is to be familiar with how curricular links are catalogued.  I
strongly recommend that new users spend some time looking at the catalog
heirarchy (click on "Math Topics" in the blue menu bar at the left of the
screen) to see how your courses "fit" with the Math Tools catalog.

Next, as you begin planning a unit of instruction, use the "browse" feature,
looking in the catalog for those topics that fit your needs.  I scroll down the
list, reading the brief description, then check out any I think might be useful.
When I do find something useful, I'll copy the url and paste it into a "lesson
ideas" document I keep for each unit.  Some of these url's will be posted
directly to my course web site, some will be used in classroom presentations,
some will become the basis for student exploration/activity, and some may give
me ideas for ways to use other software to accomplish the same (or similar)
goals.  Of course, some might make it as far as my "ideas" list and never be

Another way I have used Math Tools is to run across a topic that students are
struggling with in class; I have found (again, by browsing the catalog) tools to
help.  I have also used the "search" feature successfully.  By now, for
instance, I know several tools developed by the same groups; I can search on the
group name.

I hope others have good ideas... I want to be able to share them at a conference
in October!

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