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Topic: fractals
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Subject:   RE: fractals
Author: Barnhouse
Date: Aug 2 2005
Dear Mr. Damon,

Thanks very much for these tips.  I will pursue them, and I am sure they will
have enough to keep my students interested.  At this point I am just using
fractals for "gee whiz" value, with very young students, who are also interested
in them as art.

The fascinating part of the old program I had was that you could select any tiny
area of the picture on screen, about one four hundredth of the area, and expand
it to full screen.  Then you could select a tiny area of that and expand it, and
so on.  I used to do this to clear my head after a day's work, and I have gone
in twenty or more layers with that program.  If it had limits, I never found

It also had a program for cycling the colors on any one frame, and a program for
saving as graphics any design one found appealing.  Fractals were fairly new at
the time, and artists were fascinated.  But as I upgraded Windows, finally it
would not run the program.

I have the discs and book at home; I will bring them in within a day or two and
post the particulars of where it came from.  Thanks for the suggested

Donald Barnhouse

On Aug  1 2005, Damon wrote:
> Dear Mr. Barnhouse,

I'd certainly enjoy talking with you using
> private email, but first I want to respond to you publicly in case
> anyone else may benefit from these links.

To anyone interested in
> exploring fractal generators, I would suggest visting

I have used FractalExtreme
> ( ), and is a fun shareware program (available
> in its full glory for purchase at about $35) that offers excellent
> renderings of fractals.  If, however, you are searching for
> something more along the lines of higher-level programming for
> research in nonlinear dynamical systems, please drop me a private
> email at

Just out of curiosity, is the CD
> you have of the fractal generator program from Liberty Software??
> Anyway, it is probably an old program if it also came with diskette.


On Aug  1 2005, Barnhouse wrote:
> I saw
> your discussion, and am just jumping in to ask a question.
> Some
> years ago I had a computer program which generated fractals,
> and
> a book came with it along with a CD and a diskette.  There is no
> reply from that address now, and I am wondering if either of you
> knows whether there is a computer program available today
> commercially which generates fractals and displays them in color on
> > the screen.

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