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Topic: Overview of eNLVM eModules -- Wednesday

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Subject:   Quick reviews before Wednesday
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 10 2005
I teach high school, so I'm not qualified to rate some of these at elementary
level, but I CAN rate "coolness"

Fraction Concepts
--This is really nice.  It's late now, but I want to have my 9-year-old
son try it out tomorrow.  I think it is very well done!
- Perimeter and Area
--Interesting; I could see this as one of the ways to reach certain types of
learners in a classroom (others might use hands-on manipulatives, etc.)

- Geometric Transformations
--In "Introduction," applets don't work in activities 7 and 9 (these appear to
be non-NLVM applet links).  A quick perusal of the rest of the lesson reveals
a well-designed lesson with meaningful, higher-order thinking involved.  If
I were teaching Geometry this coming year, I'd use it for sure; I'll certainly
suggest it to a colleague (perhaps for review, or independent practice... we
just worked up a transformations unit we were proud of!).

- Writing Equations of Lines
--This is probably better as a review than as introduction (which is fine!).
Some of the built-in checking didn't work as anticipated... I typed -2.5x +
16.5, which was marked incorrect, with the "correct" answer given as (-5/2)x +
(33/2).  NOT a big deal.  I will probably put links to this on my course web
site for students to use as review in my Algebra 2 course (many won't need the
review---I hope!).

- Integer Arithmetic
--I didn't care for the temperature multiplication model; I found it confusing
(which number is supposed to be negative?  I had to use what I knew the answer
was to be to figure out how the model worked...).  I had similar trouble with
"Number Line Bars" (activity 5 on integer multiplication).  Instructions for
activity 6 on integer multiplication should have PC users press "Alt," not

- Patterns, Relations, and Functions
--Very nice.  What was student feedback like?  I think some students might
have become bored with it, even though it does become more complex as you work
through it...

- Working with Place Value
--Outside my comfort zone.

- Right Triangle Geometry
--I like the applet this lesson uses!  I think the lesson could use more
development (though it is reasonable as a review).

- Transformations of Functions
--Very nice.  I anticipate using this one, again probably as an independent
review activity for some students, in Algebra 2 this year.

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