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Topic: DE Software

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Subject:   RE: DE Software
Author: scruff
Date: Aug 13 2005
What does it do? That is, what is your primary interest? Solving ODEs,
...?  You don't want Maple or whatever, but neither do you need it's full
potential perhaps?  Have you actually tried other packages like Mupad?

For relatively simple stuff, have you tried the shareware Graphmatica?  it's
awesome, and no need to register if you are honest and can't afford to.


It presents graphical (and hence to some extent numerical) solutions
to first order ODEs and systems

Nothing else

Maple is more powerful than needed
and hence is much more difficult to use

The students I talk to for over 15 years about maple ALL  found it difficult to
We recently purchased it
I hope to stick to smaller specific packages for now

I have not tried Mupad
Is this software designed to solve ODEs graphically?
And also with no need of manual or assistance?
I may have to sacrifice that but that is how wonderful DE systems is

I would (and might) be happy to continue using it

There are just a few things such as
2x must be entered as 2*x (and everything that follows from that)

I guess I have the same question about graphimatica as i did for Mupad.

I will try to find out about those two you mentioned
It sounds like they do more than ODEs

That might be ok

Unless it makes them harder to use
or have less capabilities in ODEs (and systems)

It is too bad someone has not tried DE systems
Cause that is just what I am looking for
Just updated
thanks again to everyone

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