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Topic: Analyzing how Tools are used: Stories and Reviews from the Field

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Subject:   Feedback on stories
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 16 2005
Is information like you saw in the stories useful?  Does reading the story help
you envision how you might use a tool with your students?

Here’s a harder question, but it’s not too hard:  if you’re a story-teller,
couldn’t you write a story to describe how you used a tool?  Maybe you could ask
a student to write a story, then post it… there is no prescribed format, and
Suzanne at MathForum promises to help jazz up.  As a special, limited-time
offer, if you post it during the “live” session, 1-2PM EDT on August 16, you
can get immediate feedback (but alas, not Suzanne’s formatting help)!

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