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Topic: Creating eNLVM lessons

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Subject:   RE: Creating eNLVM lessons - it now works!
Author: ihor
Date: Aug 18 2005
Joel wrote:

I can't see any reason why that would
> be so, but am curious to explore the situation you describe.
> After downloading the Microworlds Pro plugin, I looked at:
> Which is where I assume you are working and was able to see it
> without problem. Is this the page that you are referring to?

You have magic fingers! It now works for me as well.

I went back to see if I can recreate the situation.  I added another split page
(mathlet and text) to my darts activity using Firefox and the problem persisted.
But when I opened with Safari it worked. In other words it seems like I can
create the split page in Firefox but only preview it in safari. Ugh..

Also, the preview didnt work yesterday during the workshop where we were using
PCs. I just checked it again right now and it works fine with internet explorer
on the PC. So most likely it was a local problem with the district's

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