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Topic: Pre-algebra software

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Subject:   RE: Pre-algebra software - take 2
Author: ihor
Date: Oct 20 2005
Hi Rich,
I just realized that you were interested in a non-web based alternative to
Accelerated Math. The one that gets a lot of positive press is Carnegie
Learning's Algebra Tutor ( ). I don't believe they
do pre-algebra. Other pioneers in the field of large scale CAI is the Plato
group and CCC (Computer Curriculum Corporation)  which are still around. CCC has
gone through lots of changes over the years. Today is known today as Pearson
Education Technologies (, which used to be called NCS Learn.
Plato ( ) which originally created interesting and creative
applications of the Madison Project from the 70s is now also a top-down
corporate provider. What I know of them is when they are used effectively scores
generally go up. Unfortunately they both have one major drawback: they are
expensive. My guess they too are moving towards a web-based platform which I
would assume would be more cost effective for everyone involved.


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