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Topic: Smart Notebook and sharing files

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Subject:   Smart Notebook and sharing files
Author: WandaB
Date: Nov 5 2005
SmartBoard's are becoming the norm in many classrooms. Our high school recently
renovated and all the 'new' classrooms are now equipped with them. I have used a
SmartBoard for year, but still have alot to learn! If others are interested,

1. I'd like to revisit the discussion started by Susan:

Subject:    Smartboard files
Author: Susan
Date: Jul 23 2005
Will resources for Smartboard ever be included in Technology Types?  Has anyone
started developing and saving Smartboard files?  Is there a way that we could
someday exchange Smartboard files through Math Tools?

2. How can I learn to use my Smartboard more efficiently to increase student
learning? I frequently use internet resources, computer programs, teacher made
documents, etc. but would like to learn more about the Smart Notebook.

3. I'd love to hear how others use this technology in their classroom. From the
many discussion at MathTools and the monthly newsletters, I have discovered many
valuable resources that are available and have been able to incorporate many of
these wonderful ideas into my classroom.

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