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Topic: Transformations of Geometric Objects

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Subject:   Transformations of Geometric Objects
Author: beckyann
Date: Nov 7 2005
I am a student at USU going into Math/Stat Education.  In a class for learning
about applying Technology to teaching Math, I had the opportunity to teach about
transformations of objects in a middle school in Cache Valley. I taught the
students using an eNLVM lesson about translations and a bit about rotations.
The lesson focused on the idea of a translation being two reflections over two
parallel lines.  It also stated that a rotation is two reflections over two
non-parallel lines.  The activities were based on this idea and having
students translate or draw translations.  Also, the students were taught how to
calculate angles of rotation by multiplying the angles made by the
non-parallel lines by 1/2.
The students seemed to want to play and talk to their neighbors mroe than focus
on the lesson.  This could be due to the fact that they are 14 and 13.  But I
think that the lesson just wasn't engaging.  The students found no value in what
they were doing and got bored quickly.
I found that most of the students had a hard time understanding that both
rotations and translations were refelctions.  I think the concept was a bit
abstract and that the students couldn't follow it.  I also think that students
just wanted to fool around instead of completely understanding the material

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