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Topic: vertical measuring
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Subject:   RE: vertical measuring
Author: Howard58
Date: Nov 14 2013
On Nov 13 2013, Jeff L wrote:
> I do not profess to know much about child development, there could
> be an issue with vertical measures when the concepts of negative
> numbers are introduced, specifically something like temperature and
> tides.

Traditionally (I guess), on a vertical scale with positive
> and negative numbers, the absolute value of the positive side of the
> scale increase as they go 'up'. The absolute value of negative
> numbers decreases as they go 'up'.

> do not have any particular suggestions other than if the 'ruler' had
> the numbers turned in respect to the axis of the ruler, (i.e.. a
> 'regular ruler' turned sideways) it might provide an alternative.
If you introduce negative numbers as a (or the) way to deal with measurement of
temperature, height above sea level, etc (there are not many simple ones) then
99.9% of problems with negative numbers go away!

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