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Topic: MIMIO versus Smart Boards

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Subject:   RE: MIMIO versus Smart Boards
Author: Calvin
Date: Mar 16 2006
On Mar 15 2006, Clyde wrote:
> What is necessary for a good "starter kit" for the Mimio system?
> What are the pros and cons for Mimio over Smart Board?

I think the neat idea about the Mimio system is you can start it cheaply,
without a projector.  I think the website lists it for 800$US.  You'll need a
computer, of course.  Although they do have a neat option of storing it in the
Mimio for later downloading to an off-site computer.

Now, as for the pros/cons with Smartboard, that's a harder question... what are
your needs?  your existing tech?  portable/fixed?  your budget?

I've been using the Smartboard for the past 5 years, and the Mimio only during
the summer at PCMI (whatís PCMI?  The most amazing math PD program ever!  Google
it or view this site:  The deadline has passed
for this year but put it in your calendar for next year.)

I find the Mimio a very neat, far more portable solution than the Smartboard.
You can plunk the Mimio onto any whiteboard and have a wireless solution for
your computer Ė this makes moving from room-to-room or even taking home
really easy.  And, once you have experience with interactive whiteboards, youíll
want one at everywhere.  I don't care for its heavy, big pens - they look clumsy
and are awkward for smaller hands.  Their software is pretty good and itís easy
to capture, store & post notes.  I liked the way you can ďlinkĒ more than one
Mimio together across several whiteboards Ė a prohibitively expensive thing for
the Smartboard.

The Smartboard requires a projector and works best with a fixed projector &
fixed Smartboard (and cables running between your computer and everything else,
although they are coming out with a wireless one).  You obviously canít take it
home with you; the Smartboards are more expensive, too.  Their software is
amazing and promotes interactivity between applications and the web and itís a
nice packaged solution.  But youíre limited to one-screen by cost.

Now... if I had my druthers, I'd stick with my Smartboards but likely because
Iíve adapted to its limitations.  Had I started with the Mimio Iíd likely be
beating its drum.  In the end, it comes down to the user how effective the
technology is in the classroom.

If I missed something, just holler back.  


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