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Topic: Rich Imagery in the Math Classroom

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Subject:   Rich Imagery in the Math Classroom
Author: FullerMath
Date: Apr 9 2006
I have been having some interesting conversations with a
few high school math teachers. I just realized that two of
them, with whom I have regular discussions, have been
using their overhead projectors less and less.

One of the presentations that I make at math conferences
is on math infusion via rich imagery in the classroom.
These teachers are doing more of that, now. They have TV
monitors and use them for animations. They have dry erase
boards and use multiple colors as an integral part of
teaching concepts.

They also have changed their langauge about using a
calculator. For example, which of the following two
sentences offer a richer learning environment?
<i>Just press STAT 4.</i>
<i>Let's use statistics to generate a linear regression.</i>

In short, they have changed their practice, and continue
to do so. Both are strong practitioners of using multiple
representations as an instructional strategy. The
calculator is becoming an increasing part of what they use
to help students understand math.

What ideas to do have concerning rich imagery in the

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