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Topic: Intigration

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Subject:   RE: Intigration
Author: Si
Date: Apr 29 2006
e Maple: A quote from Will Smith in "Independence Day"
> ..."I got to get me one of these!"  I have had only a peek at some
> rather old versions of Maple, Derive, Mupad, and have never seen
> Mathematica.  It would be interesting to have a definitive
> comparison of applications and general usefulness of several
> symbolic algebra packages.  However that would be an onerous task,
> but not so bad if boards of education would provide them.

In my experience, I have to say that Maple and Mathematica are (in my view)
almost the same in their capability for symbolic computation. I have used both
when I was at varsity in mid 1990s (Maple at Maths Department computer lab and
Mathematica at School of Engineering lab). I don't think that MapleSoft and
Wolfram would allow server licenses that would make boards of education  run a
single copy  of Maple & Mathematica from their website. The reason, is that both
have student versions to sell (I believe that it is around $200 US), and if
licenses to deploy them from webserver is allowed, then that would kill their
student market. However , I do know that both allow licenses to deploy from a
single server to be used internally, such as  school labs. It will be great if
boards of education start promoting those computer algebra packages, because
they are the best out there in symbolic computation. Such packages will stretch
the students imagination and thinking for math s problems  in ways never ever
seen before (compared to traditional way of teaching maths). This allows the
capability for students to self learn maths with minimal help from teachers. If
students can do  that (self-learn) , it means that they do  understand the


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