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Topic: Intigration

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Subject:   RE: Intigration
Author: ihor
Date: May 1 2006
In response to Sione's comment:

> Such packages will stretch the
> students imagination and thinking for math s problems  in ways never
> ever seen before (compared to traditional way of teaching maths).
> This allows the capability for students to self learn maths with
> minimal help from teachers. If students can do  that (self-learn) ,
> it means that they do  understand the concepts.

David (Mathman) writes:

> Thanks for the information.  I hope I haven't opened Pandora's Box here, but

> you may gather from my initial query that I am not averse to the use of good

> software, but I'd not have the same expectations for all students, as you seem

> to imply.  Certainly, the very good students would benefit as you say, but

> that won't represent the average or be of similar benefit to the less than

> average.  Learning is, after all is said and done a personal matter, but not

> all have the capacity, good software or not, to teach themselves.  Some stare

> hypnotically at computer generated changing patterns, but have not learned the

> underlying principles that generate them.
Obviously, the students with "less capacity" as you call them do need more
support. And technology can be a big help if it's used appropriately. I just
have problem with those people who are concerned about the inappropriate uses of
technology and try to restrict their use for all below certain grade levels.
Technology is part of the real world and should be available at all times.
However, we as educators should help students to understand and know how to use
them appropriately.


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