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Topic: Singapore math

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Subject:   RE: Singapore math
Author: cmk
Date: Jun 1 2006
Hi Susan,

I've been using the Singapore series at my math center in Boston.
For grades 1 to 6, you should order Primary Mathematics, US Edition.
For extra word problem practice, I would recommend Primary Mathematics
Challenging Word Problems, US Edition.

The series, New Elementary Mathematics, covers math concepts from grades 7 to 10
(algebra II and some trig). I've only used books 1 and 2 but found the material
to be very challenging for middle school students.

I think the primary series for elementary grades is particularlybut  beneficial
because it provides a strong foundation in number sense and problem solving that
many students need. For high school students, I prefer some (certainly not all)
US textbook series.

I hope that helps.


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