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Topic: Algebra for everyone

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Subject:   RE: Algebra for everyone
Author: Mathman
Date: Jun 2 2006
On Jun  2 2006, Grip wrote:
>I never said
> there were no limits. Re-read the post, I said I differentiate
> instruction. The original question was can all students take Algebra
> in high school. The answer is a resounding yes as long as their
> teacher believes all students can succeed.

I'll not embark on a full discussion.  This is not the place.  Suffice it to say
that I've met far too many in their graduating year who "succeeded" so far, yet
were quite illiterate in the subject matter.  Wanting something to happen will
not make it happen.  Believing something will happen will not make it happen.
People simply do not have that god-like power. There are some things I do not
understand, some that you will not understand, and algebra is something that
some others will never understand.  All can "take algebra", but what about the
dear sweet young thing whose parents had shoved her into a course in algebra
when she had not yet mastered simple addition of columns of numbers? ...and
likely never would?  Either her chances were pretty slim, or the course would
have to be changed entirely in its nature.

Now, let's stick to tools.  What tools do you think would help students to
better learn algebra, and why?  To answer that, it must also be pointed out why
they are NOT learning the subject in the first place without that particular
tool, and what the tool would add to or replace.


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