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Topic: Neufeld Learning Systems

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Subject:   RE: Neufeld Learning Systems
Author: neufeldmath
Date: Jun 8 2006
Dear tstewart:

Many districts across North America are using Understanding Math in the
classroom and lab environments. If you haven't yet accessed the free worksheets
available on our website, , please take a
look. The worksheets offer many great ideas for integrating Understanding Math
into the classroom.

Where are you located? We are offering many sessions offering implementation
strategies throughout the year. Perhaps you can have a look at our workshop
schedule, and see if we are coming to your

Finally, Understanding Math PLUS has been correlated to many state and province
math objectives. Again, this can be found on our website, Depending on your location, you may be
able to find correlations for your state/province. We are constantly working on
adding more correlations.

We're really happy that your school has purchased Understanding Math and want to
ensure that you get the most out of the software. New training packages will be
posted to our website shortly, which should assist you in implementation. Please
feel free to contact us at 1-866-429-MATH, or by email,

Graham Taylor
Neufeld Learning Systems

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