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Topic: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions

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Subject:   RE: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions
Author: ihor
Date: Aug 30 2006
David wrote:

>This is SO
> contrary to traditional methods which emphasise that the line has no
> thickness, nor the point dimension.  Euclid was my first love
> [academic], and all I can do is shudder.  Perhaps this is why I
> spent just under two hours tutoring, and convincing, a student who
> had had all the software available, but none of the skill.

Though the point is well taken, I'm not sure it is much of a concern here since
all drawn lines misrepresent what the line is. Just because its thin doesnt help
students to "get" that a line has no thickness. A more significant mathematical
point is to make sure that the students understand that a line represents an
infinite set of points (which in turn represent ordered pairs, etc) and care
should be taken not to just connect points willy nilly. I frown when I see
workbook (make math fun) activities that ask students to connect points
determined by a set of ordered pairs in order to make a picture of some


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