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Topic: Fractions ugh...!

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Subject:   RE: Fractions ugh...!
Author: Jeff L
Date: Mar 1 2015
"The difficulty of the fractions is that it requires an understanding of the
division. And the division, requires an understanding of subtraction, and
ultimately of the sum."

Fractions are numbers. Usually they are the numbers between 0 and 1. I do not
know any small children who do not have a grasp of this concept, as in 'breaking
a cookie in half.'  The main difficulty probably happens in presenting them. 1/2
of a cookie is not the same as 1/2 of an apple any more than 1/2 of 6 is the
same as 1/2 of 10. We do not emphasize this enough. We do not have to go into
the whole process at once. Like other math operations, we can expand it as we
need it.

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