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Topic: Fractions ugh...!

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Subject:   RE: Fractions ugh...!
Author: Jeff L
Date: Mar 29 2015
"The mathematics taught me, were fragile: There were many things that could not
be done, and I had to believe using the mental mechanisms of a class of religion
instead of math class. For example: If you put a negative number in the
denominator, the teachers always said to  me that this was invalid and had to
put it in front of the fraction. And if I put a negative number above and one
below, not worth, because
we had to then remove all negative signs. And you could ask why, no one knew
answer it. And do not think that the situation has improved in this

I think you have summarized what is unfortunately a trend in math instruction.
There is also the challenge of using calculators in the classroom.

One of the reasons I did the division app was because I found that virtually all
of the students had no comprehension of what division actually meant. The method
of instruction only presented the algorithm which, of course, contains no
reference to the actual math.

Fortunately, I was never so rigid in the use of positive and negative signs in
fractions, but you may rest assured, we spend a fair amount of time on
equivalent forms of the same fraction.

I have been gathering notes for a new app dealing with fractions - but it is
going to take a while to put it together since fractions require both a new font
and a large quantity of graphics.  My main focus will be that proper fractions
are the numbers between -1 and +1 (the rest are mixed numbers or improper
fractions) and that overall, fractions are more accurate representations then
their decimal equivalents.

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