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Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Solin
Date: Oct 11 2006
hello all of you,
    I'm from China,and is interest in improving and enhancing the students'
interest of math using Dynamic MathMatics softwares.
    Students doing their homework on computer is a good idea.But not all of
assessment are suit to be done on computer.And What computer can do is not only
dong homework on it,but also it can help students comprehending the concept,
observing the dynamic processing , finding the result and so on.
    As we know,around the world lots of students do not love math[I think it is
the importent reason that many students do not like to do their
assessent].Another side,using computer can math be wonderful and be easily
comprehended, and it makes students more and more near to math and likely to
talk about math.
    So I think it is a better subject that Using computer helps students
improving their zeal of math than disscussing how to let students accomplish
their homework.


On Oct 11 2006, jbsblld wrote:
Yes i have an idea students
> love to do homework on the computer it is so much easer for them and
> also you may want to try a group.  Some students might like to hang
> out with frineds while doing homework after school kinda like a
> after school math class for homework.  And if they attend give them
> extra credit that always helps.

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