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Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 12 2006
On Oct 12 2006, John Mac wrote:

I believe that having the students do their
> homework on a computer is the best solution for the homework
> question.

Perhaps in some instances, but not always.  It is truly a marvelous tool, but
not everything can be done on the computer, at least certainly not always as
readily as with some other means.  Suppose a student has an assignment on
fractions.  How would that student indicate proper fractional form?  How would
he/she indicate "cancellation" technique in the steps of a solution of a
multiplication or division of several fractions, mied or otherwise?  It can be
done using a program like MathType, but is painful using the computer and
perhaps several programs in combination for the end result.  That particular
example is done far more readily with pencil and paper.

Also, learning and understanding should be distinguished from *getting things
done*.  More important is the variation, the examination, the "study" ..turning
over the rocks to see what's underneath, and that has little to do with the tool
at hand [the computer does not improve on that capability.]


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