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Topic: Great Tool, Multiple Angles Possible?
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Subject:   RE: Great Tool, Multiple Angles Possible?
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 16 2006
On Oct 16 2006, Greg7 wrote:
>I think the tool would be even
> more useful if users could input different starting anles for the
> ball to travel? Anyone with any ideas or opinions?

Does it not?  It takes me back to an old math competition problem i na review
students were doing ecide on the numebr of hits without such a tools
available.  I assisted the teacher on that one.  Draw a whole bunch of tables as
rectangles on paper, similar to the grid shown in the applet.  Now you can use
the concept of reflection, and instead of having the ball bounce back, continue
the straight line of the path through into the next rectangle, and the next,
.... until it re-enters a pocket.  Count the numer of times the path crosses
the table edges.

I don't know that it teaches about angles except in the application of
reflection, useful if studying physics.  Or, a great excuse for a class visit to
the local pool hall.  :)


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