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Topic: Test your software!
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Subject:   RE: Test your software!
Author: jmaxsohmer
Date: Oct 17 2006
On Oct 16 2006, RM3K wrote:
> This can't be stressed enough. Testing your software in IE for
> Windows alone is not adequate. When used in Firefox or any other
> browser, this application has MAJOR problems. The automatic width
> scaling makes this tool all but unusable. The fact that someone
> would willingly publish this tool is laughable from a development
> standpoint.

Agreed - I use Firefox pretty much exclusively and my first reaction when I saw
this was "I'm supposed to read that?!"

In addition to horrific horizontal stretching - which I've never seen in a
published Flash application before, regardless of the browser used - the text
boxes display what is entered in something along the lines of 3-pt font. The
response is also the same height.

From what I saw before I got frustrated and gave up, it looked like it  might be
fairly interesting, but there's no way anyone is going to stick around to play
for long if they can't read anything.

For the Jeopardy game, which was about as far as I got, don't make the players
keep score for themselves! Have an n-players mode which takes the turns in
cycles (maybe let the players enter their names) and records their scores.
Having to keep track of your own score is tedious and shouldn't be a part of a
learning exercise focused on LEARNING integer addition.

At a minimum, all web content should be tested in the following browsers:

Internet Explorer

Make sure you try resizing the browser windows to see how it scales and open it
in both new tabs and new windows because they can behave differently. Just some
friendly advice from one developer (well, two) to another.

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