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Topic: Pool table tool
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Subject:   RE: Pool table tool
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 17 2006
On Oct 17 2006, Kraz wrote:

>I agree that from a
> child's perspective the tool is not readily intuitive.

Please see also the same topic "Great tool, multiple angles?".  It is a nice
applet, and an interesting problem, but I wonder how it is meant to be applied
by the author.  Random clicks generate different directions and so number of
reflections, but how are they measured and compared?  I'd re-check that, but
the server seems to be down at the moment.  A lot that goes along with this and
any similar applet has to do with teacher preparation before and during the use.
My wife works in an historical site.  Some school-children run wild.  Others
don't, but have nothing to ask or add.  Others come well-prepared with notes
and questions, and a clear agenda.


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