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Topic: TI Interactive Install Backup?

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Subject:   TI Interactive Install Backup?
Author: savant
Date: Feb 5 2007
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following. A couple
years ago, I bought the TI Interactive software online. Downloaded, installed,
and was ready to go.

Just last week I contracted a virus which severely corrupted the data on my hard
drive (nasty bugger messed up a lot of settings). I was able to almost
completely remove it but I do realize a re-install would be the best course of
action. However, I did not backup the TI Interactive install file or any other
information about it. TI Interactive is still installed on the PC, though.

My question is the following: Is there any way to restore an installed TI
Interactive to another PC - whether by finding a Key or some other tool? I would
really like to re-install Windows and regain some of the stability that my
computer formerly had, but do not want to have to re-buy TI Interactive.

Any help would be completely appreciated. Thanks!

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