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Topic: First Impressions of Dimenxian
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Subject:   RE: First Impressions of Dimenxian
Author: Tusk
Date: Mar 22 2007
I am a teacher of 17 years and I am always looking for new ways to improve my
teaching.  I downloaded the trial of Dimenxian to see what value I thought it
would have educationally.  I thought it was ok and decided to see how a couple
of students liked it.  When I let them try it all it took was about 30 minutes
and they were laughing.  They stopped trying to do the math part of the program
and were just looking around in the game.  While they were looking around they
thought it was very funny that a lot of the vegetation was mushrooms which they
took as a drug reference which I think many would.  They also found that if you
look inside of the plants that look like they have teeth that it looks like
there are images of people in the plants.  I would never have noticed this, but
my students did.  After seeing this I sent a letter to the company to see if
this was intended and got no response.  It may be a coincidence, but I was not
impressed by this and as a result will not investigate this program any further,
and it makes me leary of any gaming programs in the future for the same reasons.

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