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Topic: Graphing Calculators

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Subject:   RE: Graphing Calculators
Author: Siew
Date: May 4 2007
On May  4 2007, murali99 wrote:
>  I am also very much interested to use graphing calculators. Please
> give feed back. whether it  really improves student's understanding
> ,

Veera Savarkar School, Chennai-82 India

I feel students today are too quick at jumping to the calculator for even simple
calculations and do not practise enough on mental work/calculations.  At Middle
school level, it is good for students to work out calculations without the
calculator as far as possible.  Simple calculators will suffice most of the

I notice that at the senior school level, calculators are a distraction to
students who do quite a few non-maths things on the calculator such as games.

It does not take long for students at senoir school level to learn and
familiarise with the graphic, statistical and other higher level functions on
the graphic calculator.  So why rush students into graphic calculators until the
graphic calculator become essential for the math work they are learning?

Ian Yen

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