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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: RhondaC
Date: May 30 2007
Our school district recently fitted every classroom and library with an
ActivBoard, which is somewhat simiar to the Smart Board.  It also came with a
VCR/DVD player, document camera and multidirectional sound system.  Our cable TV
runs through the system as well.  It's a very nice setup.   I'm a "tech" person,
so all of my lessons are produced on the ActivBoard with "flipcharts", which is
much like interactive Power Point presentations.

Do you have a document camera with your Smart Board?  If so, you can use that to
show students what you are doing with the calculator.  I also put a small
dry-erase board on my table under the document camera (the ActivBoard doesn't
use erasers-just a stylus) to use with transparencies and other demonstrations
as needed.  Hope this helps.

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