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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: Ms C
Date: Jun 8 2007
Have you tried downloading the newer version of the TI emulator. It works much
better. Also there is a way of transferring programs from your hand held
calculator onto the emulator. I haven't done it myself, but I saw someone do

On Feb 12 2007, db wrote:
> Hi, I have Smartview software that i use on the smartboard, great
> investment.  I have used the free emulator but it is very buggy.
> Moreover, I am a Mac user and the emulators will not run on the Mac.
> I used to run the emulator on a windows machine I attached to the
> smartboard specifically for that purpose.  But again, it is buggy
> and froze lots.

More importantly, the programs I wrote for the TI
> are very tricky to load onto the free emulator and I write lots of
> programs.  Our school also runs SAM robots.  I like to show the kids
> how to modify the SAM programs for their specific purpose.  The
> Smartview emulator will accept anything I give it, and not crash,
> unlike the free emulator.  Additionally, I am not a "techie" so
> getting a serial cable (or was it a parallel cable?) to work when
> all you have are USB ports is an exercise in "insanity!"  Sorry, I
> hated it.

Smartview is not that expensive if you are not
> technically inclined.  You can get a 30 day trial copy from TI and
> see the difference.

BOL,  db

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