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Topic: Inclusion

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Subject:   RE: Inclusion
Author: cs4114
Date: Jul 8 2007
Could you explain more about the Connecticut Math Project? Thanks, Cindy

On Jul  8 2007, joyce wrote:
We also have full inclusion. We have been working at it for the
> last two years.  We run 2 levels of math. About one quarter of the
> students are in the top group.  These students are high performers
> and move at a faster rate finishing algebra in grade 8.
For our
> lower performing students we have tutors who work in the classrooms.
> We also have classes that are co-taught with a special education
> teacher.  Our special education teachers create modified
> assignments, quizzes and tests for the special education students
> who require them.  
Next year we are adopting the Connecticut Math
> Project.  It has materials for the special needs student.  It also
> has many suggestions for creating extensions for higher ability
> students.
How big is your school. Do you have access to tutors?
> Let me know if you have any other questions?

Joyce Hamilton

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